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Coastal-isms and views of living and working in Va. Beach, from the view of a real estate broker who lives and works at “the beach” VaBeach {vaaah beach}

I moved here in summer 2004 to escape the ruts and routines of living in major suburbia-ville (No.Va. aka metro DC).  What I discovered was truly a unique place on the east coast of Virginia …. where one could escape and become one with nature … a slower pace and where you actually could be ………

“Living the Coastal Lifestyle”  more about that later in the blog ……

I hope to deliver content about real estate, coastal living and general life in a beach resort city …. Enjoy! and visit my web site www.vabeachin.com for more detailed info of real estate on the coast of Virginia. And pardon our seaweed …. these sites: blog.vabeachin.com / photos.vabeachin.com / vabeachin.com are still in development ….. just calves (baby dolphin)!

So get started on your journey ……… {Vaah Beachin} style!

Your's Truly  vabeachin blogger

Your's Truly vabeachin blogger

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