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Disconnected! In a connected world.

Well ….  just getting started … this is my first blog post.  To get plugged in … I was doing some research; generally just looking around on the web to get some inspiration, while trying to figure out a strategy, intent and content.  The intent of this blog is to cover coastal-isms of living and working in Va. Beach, a resort beach city . You will find  what “Living the Coastal Lifestyle” is really like here in Va.Beach via this blog.

OBW: it’s pronounced { Vaah Beach } or {Vaah Beachin} here at the beach!

In the meantime … until I really get started ,  and being of the elder blogging generation, trying to bridge the communication gaps …..  let’s begin with a view of the “now”, living in a web based world of communication …… what would we do without it:

I ran across the video documentary “Disconnected” ” on Hulu and found it interesting, amusing  and apre paux. It’s a paradoxical world now.  Specifically like the section on having to go back to typing a college paper … via a typewriter, if anyone knows what that word is today!

Take a look …… it’s amusing ….. and thought provoking …. 1.5hrs though. But worth watching!

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