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Can’t Trust What you Read!

Check out the following link,  and when you do … notice the inaccurate information … grossly inaccurate.  Josh brown states that only 580 homes were sold last month in Feb in all of Hampton Roads ….. including outlying areas …. this is not true …..   there were actually 1036 closings (not counting duplexes and multi-single fam.) in Feb 2010 compared to Feb 2009 with 1021 …..  It is true that sales were relatively the same as last Feb …. but it’s still an increase …. even with the snow an unusually cold winter weather.

The article goes on to say the avg DOM last year was 92  compared to Feb 2010 of 93   … the numbers I’m pulling from REIN shows avg DOM in  Feb 2009 of 94 and Feb 2010 of 92.

The market is better than the press is telling our consumers ….. unfortunate part is there is a monopoly on news in Hampton Roads  and it is up to YOU to communicate to your consumers the real truth about Real Estate in our market.

Sunny at the beach .... forecast is bright & sunny!

Sunny at the beach .... forecast is bright & sunny!

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