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Virginia Beach Dining Guide

Virginia Beach Dining Guide

Va Beach Dining GuideI am often asked by visitors and new arrival locals alike, that have just bought a home in Va Beach;  where is the best place to eat in Va Beach?  Living in a city of almost 1/2 million people …. there is the plethora of  chains and fast food establishments.  Add to that, the resort area of the beach has it’s fair share of tourist trap places … I shudder at some … with names like …. “XXX’s Steak, Spaghetti and Seafood” … really? are you really going to eat there?

We are very fortunate in Va. Beach to have a multitude of local, non-chain, privately owned restaurants …. that serve not only seafood ….. but a variety of menu options from French … to Italian ..  Asian … Mexican ….. to American cuisine. Many specifically prepared with local farm to market fresh foods.

I moved to Va Beach 7 years ago .. and I can honestly say …. the only chain restaurant I  have been to in the 7 years is P.F. Changs … and then only twice in 7 years. I dine out at least once per week if not 2-3 times.  There are so many local places to dine that I have yet just scratched the surface and not been able to sample all of  the great local dinning spots in Virginia Beach.

After being asked so many times, by people searching for vacation homes in Virginia Beach .. .”where do you recommend we eat at?”   I put together a “Dine Where the Locals Dine” google map guide.  Every spot on the map … I have tasted and can recommend. Some more than others and some I frequent more than others … by personal taste choice.  All on the map are favored by locals and not tourist dining traps.

The list contains everything from local coffee shops to fantastic breakfast shops, seafood and the best fine dinning in Virginia. Have a look for yourself and check back frequently … as I add to the list … only after I have test tasted. This guide is just Virginia Beach … I will be adding a Norfolk guide soon. If its not good enough for me .. it won’t make the list!

If you have recommendations .. give me a call at 757-642-1212 … as I’m always open for a new venture.  I do have my favorites … and they know who they are as I tend to frequent …. weekly, if not daily!

Bon Appetite! …. and Surfs Up!

Dine at Terrapins in Va Beach My Favorite FIne Dining Spot in Virginia Beach

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