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Va Beach’s new Arts District Providing More Dinning Experiences

ViBe Arts District in Va Beach

The new ViBe Creative Arts District is taking shape.  Created around the 17th-19th Street corridor at the Ocean Front is focusing on local and regional artist, with related retail shops, coffee houses, cafes and restaurants.

With a few Shops, Artist Galleries,  and more than a few new Cafe’s and Dinning Commune1Places … the ViBe is beginning to vibe.  The hope is it will attract visitors and locals alike.  Hopefully it will stimulate the local economy and enhance the quality of life for the local district residents and all of the citizens of Va Beach. Mixed use businesses and residences is the goal to create a vibrant arts and retail district. With tax incentives for rehabilitation of existing buildings, BPOL and other tax incentives for new artist, retail and technology related businesses and enhancing live work provisions, the goal is to bolster the local economy and provide a more active year-round resort center.

Take time to check out the new dinning spots, coffee houses and shops. Check out the garden that supports fresh food at Commune and Esoteric at the corner of 17th and Baltic. First Friday in the ViBe District is a chance to check things out .. walkCommune-Garden and bike friendly neighborhood to meet the artist and shop owners and taste the new cuisine that is available.

For information on Condos and Houses for purchase in the ViBe District

–  Give Rick Sterling a call at 757-642-1212

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